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  • MTP16/20/28 Tablet Press

MTP16/20/28 Tablet Press

MTP16/20/28 Tablet Press

Advanced rational design is the basis of excellent quality product. 

product description

Sample of tablet:

MTP16/20/28 Tablet Press

Machine Description:

Advanced rational design is the basis of excellent quality product. Integrated with years experience of manufacturing high speed tablet press and modern science & technology, MTP-16/20/28 High Speed Tablet Press provides new design principle, which makes standardization, Modularity and series design come true.


●  Design of GMP

●  High quality all stainless steel construction

●  Special oil-proof& dust proof sealing device

●  Reliable overall sealing and dust-proof system

●  High visibility isolated door to prevent cross contamination

●  Easy remove parts for maintenance

●  360o design for easy observation and cleaning

Main Characteristics:

●  High Pressure

●  Super Large Tablet

●  Shaped Tablet

●  High Precision

●  High Speed

●  High Automation

Main Characteristics :

Force Feeding System

High precision, easy removed force feeder with two agitators for improving granule fluidity to ensure precision feeding.

Reliable Electric System

Advance control theory and reliable electrical components and spare parts from world leading suppliers to ensure program control and interlock protection.

Stable Hydraulic System

Static pressure keeping system composed of German hydraulic pump station system and accumulator to ensure elastic backup of pre-pressure roller and main-pressure roller and overload protection for steady operation and low noise.

Central Lubrication System

Intermittent rated tiny flow auto pressure lub system with high precision central lub pump and distributing valve to ensure full lubrication of punches and tracks, as well as to avoid lub contamination.

Pressure value display of each station

The pressure value of each station is displayed on the HMI touch screen.

Pressure Monitor Curve

Dynamic change curve of the average value of main presure is displayed on the HMI touch screen

Main Technical Parameters:

Number of stations162028
Max. Output(tablets/h)106000132000184000
Max. Tablet Dia(mm)round221613
Max. Depth of Fill(mm)8
Max. Compression Force(kN)80
Max. Pre-comp Force(kN)14
Rated Power(kW)5.5
Power supplyAccording to your requirements
Overall diemensions(mm)935x1360x1785