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  • Screw Powder Filling Machine

Screw Powder Filling Machine

Screw Powder Filling Machine

KFG-300 series filling machine is a new generation of high speed screw filling machine developed by our engineers.

product description

♢ Brief introduction of screw filling machine

KFG-300 series filling machine is a new generation of high speed screw filling machine developed by our engineers. This machine applies straight line bottle feeding, screw filling, and automatic stopper. Mechanotronics is applied in the design, powder feeding screw is driven by servo motor, steps is set by micro computer, and then accurately control the measurement range needed by screw filling. High accuracy cylinder controls the bottles to locate and fill the bottles precisely. The whole machine is with reasonable design, stable and reliable running, easy operation, high level automation, easy to dismantle for cleaning the core parts, and it completely meets the GMP requirements.

KFG-300 series filling machine is applied to the filling and stoppering of sterilized powder injection of pharmaceutical industry, and it is widely used in the filling of sterilized antibiotic powder injection of the pharmaceutical manufacturers with mass production. It is mainly used in the vials injectable powder production.

Layout of the screw-filling machine

Screw Powder Filling Machine

♢ Working principle of screw filling machine

Put or convey the vials need to be filled onto the turntable--arranged vials enter the main orbit of the filling machine through two tracks--after entering the main orbit, the cylinder locate vials or plastic bottles--after being located, the vials or plastic bottles will be filled by double-head screw filling machine--after filing, the vials will be conveyed to the disc type stoppering system (no need to suck the stoppers by vacuum, this is our patent)--conveyed to capping station after stoppering— it starts capping after hanging the caps—small star wheel convey the bottles to next process after capping.

Remarks: micro computer set the amount of the powder, and then, servo motor control the rotary turns and speed to fill the vials

Screw Powder Filling MachineScrew Powder Filling Machine

♢ Main parameters of KFG-300 SCREW FILING MACHINE

1Filling type4-head screw filling
2Specification of suitable bottles60ml-120ml plastic bottles
3Designed production capability60ml Plastic bottles: 10.0g,0.5g,7ml Vial, Cephalosporin Powder, 400 Bottles/Minute
150 Bottles/Minute;
120ml Plastic bottles;75.0g,
60 Bottles/Minute;
4Stable production capability60ml Plastic bottles: 10.0g,
120 Bottles/Minute;
120ml Plastic bottles;75.0g,
50 Bottles/Minute;
5Filling amount range10-75g
6Filling deviation±0.5-2%GMP Standard
7Breaking rate≤0.1%
8Qualified filling rate≥99.9%
9Rate of no bottle no powder100%
10Stop machine when lack of bottle100%
11Counting functionHigh accuracy on counting, deviation ≤0.01%